MINERÍA la mejor puerta de acceso al sector minero MINERÍA / ENERO 2022 / EDICIÓN 532 7 Abstract A few decades ago, mining entered a stage of modernity in which information technology played a critical role in various industry activities. Computer equipment and data collection devices were incorporated in different areas of the production process, which made it possible to comply with production quotas, maintenance programs, mining plans, and the design and digital modeling of workings, among others, with great precision. The calculation of reserves, metallurgical activity and financial, accounting, and administrative processes also benefited from the use of computer systems. When everything seemed to indicate that we had successfully reached a peak, the Fourth Industrial Revolution appeared, integrating existing computers in the respective areas of coverage in which they had been working, connecting them through a robust information exchange platform and transforming them into strategic decision and analysis systems. It is not only the new and powerful personal computers available today, but also those that are still operating in our mines, as well as other portable devices such as tablets and smartphones that are also part of this innovation. The concept of Industrial Internet of Things also plays a role, allowing the integration of mining equipment, sensors, and servo-controls that already have the capacity to exchange data and receive teleoperation commands wirelessly, thus incorporating the functions of geolocation, equipment health, operators' physical conditions, and analysis of the general performance of production processes into regular monitoring, control, and optimization activities. The change requires preparation and knowledge of the potential of today's computers, data networks, and coding languages used for these purposes, as well as an expanded view of the production chain. The program "Cantera de talentos para la minería" of the Peruvian Institute of Mining Engineers (IIMP), for its 2022 version, has considered essential for the new generations of mining engineers to know in detail the processes required to search for these data, the fundamental concepts for their integration and presentation at management, administrative and operational levels, and finally learn to develop analysis strategies and actions to take for essential operations in the mining activity. ción que se utilizan para estos fines, así como una visión expandida de la cadena de producción. El programa Cantera de talentos para la minería del Instituto de Ingenieros de Minas del Perú (IIMP), para su versión 2022, ha considerado esencial para las generaciones nuevas de ingenieros de minas que conozcan en detalle los procesos requeridos para buscar estos datos, los conceptos fundamentales para su integración y presentación a nivel gerencial, administrativo y operativos, y finalmente aprender a desarrollar estrategias de análisis y acciones a tomar para las operaciones esenciales en la actividad minera. Preparándonos para el futuro Las condiciones dentro de las que la industria minera trabaja actualmente han venido evolucionando de acuerdo con las exigencias del mercado. Tenemos demandas de tonelajes y calidad de los