MINERÍA la mejor puerta de acceso al sector minero MINERÍA / JULIO 2022 / EDICIÓN 538 25 Abstract Historically, blast hole drilling in many underground workings has been carried out with dynamite, a product invented in 1867 by Alfred Nobel. Dynamite is an explosive made of nitroglycerin products, wrapped in waxed paper. Given their nature, nitroglycerin products generate a greater risk for people due to their high sensitivity, which increases the dangers and probabilities of accidents during transportation, storage and handling. In addition, it is known that they can cause nausea and headaches, among other complications, to personnel in contact with the product. On the other hand, dynamites can also generate risks during and after the blasting process, such as the generation of large amounts of fumes and gases, which take time to dissipate and impact production operating cycles. In summary, blasting applications with this type of products expose people to greater risks, both due to unplanned detonations and to potential gassing conditions when re-entering the work site. Today, in the 21st century, the use of dynamites is still common, especially in conventional mines, due to the advantages that this product offers. These benefits include its attractiveness and sensitivity, making it easily adaptable to the operating conditions faced by the personnel involved in the blasting operation, even though it may have deficiencies in the drilling process. However, in 2021, the manufacture of an emulsion wrapped in waxed paper will be launched for Peru, seeking to be as similar as possible to the behavior of dynamite, but with the great value of being free of nitroglycerin. The product was developed by Orica under the trade name Senatel™ Powerex™. One of the most important properties of this product is that it has been formulated to deliver the same energy as dynamite and its presentations have been designed to preserve the dimensions to work in dynamite-like conditions. This allows the personnel in charge of the blasting to easily find solutions to potential operational deviations. This article presents the results of tests obtained by comparing the use of Senatel™ Powerex™ with the dynamite conventionally used in the Coriwayra Mine (La Libertad). En 2021 se pone en marcha, para el Perú, la fabricación de una emulsión envuelta en papel parafinado, buscando así ser lo más parecida al comportamiento de las dinamitas, pero con el gran valor de ser libre de nitroglicerina. El producto fue desarrollado por Orica bajo el nombre comercial de Senatel™ Powerex™. Una de las propiedades más impor tantes de este producto es que ha sido formulado para entregar la misma energía que las dinamitas y sus presentaciones han sido diseñadas para conser var las dimensiones y así poder trabajar en condiciones similares a las de las dinamitas. Esto permite que el personal a cargo de los disparos pueda, fácilmente, dar soluciones a potenciales desviaciones operativas. Este artículo presenta los resultados de las pruebas obtenidas al comparar el uso del producto con la dinamita convencionalmente utilizada en la mina Coriwayra (La Libertad).