MINERÍA la mejor puerta de acceso al sector minero MINERÍA / SEPTIEMBRE 2022 / EDICIÓN 540 17 Welcome to PERUMIN Editorial S ince its creation in 1954, when Hernando Labarthe was president of the Peruvian Institute of Mining Engineers (IIMP), the Convention of Mining Engineers, today PERUMIN, has become the ideal venue for professionals in the sector to share their experiences in solving day-to-day issues that arise in mining operations. As time went by, the agenda was broadened to analyze not only technical issues but also the mining situation which, in those early years, took on a new momentum with the implementation of the innovative Mining Code of 1950, promoted by Mario Samamé. In order to continue encouraging the submission of technical papers, in 1976 the “Premio Minería”, today known as “Premio Nacional de Minería” (National Mining Award), was created to recognize technical works that, due to their excellence, represent an important contribution to the development of mining, in addition to the growth of the exhibition fair of state-of-the-art machinery and equipment. Thus, every two years, hundreds of national and foreign professionals present applied researches, whose subject matter has evolved over time hand in hand with the technological development linked to the mining activity. On this occasion, as part of the Technology, Innovation and Sustainability Forum (TIS Forum), more than 500 papers were submitted distributed in eight areas of knowledge, covering sustainability, social management and circular economy, in addition to traditional mining processes. This is complemented by the participation of top leaders of the global industry and academia, who will analyze current developments in the sector in the search for alternative solutions to the main issues affecting the mining activity, both from an internal perspective and from the unavoidable international context. Undoubtedly, the Mining Convention in these 68 years and 35 editions has established itself as one of the most important specialized meetings in the world that, without losing its technical essence, presents a comprehensive view of the importance of mining and the opportunities it represents for a country like ours with still large social and economic gaps, but also with a vast geological potential. The transition to a global green economy is one of the greatest challenges for mining companies, because in addition to increasing productivity to meet the new demand, they must do so in line with the trends of environmental preservation, transparency, change in the energy matrix and social relations. In this context, PERUMIN provides technical analysis to incorporate innovative technologies that will make operations more competitive and, at the same time, with a debate and submission of proposals to make mining more and more committed to sustainable development. We are witnessing a great transformation worldwide and mining is called upon to lead this change. As a mining country, we have the duty and the opportunity to be part of and take advantage of this situation, for the benefit of humanity and to keep more Peruvians out of poverty. In this sense, the Mining Convention is a call to reflect and make the right decisions to be on the crest of the wave and not be swept away by it. Welcome to PERUMIN. We are convinced that these will be enriching days for all participants, who will learn about the latest scientific and technological developments, and will receive first-hand information about the main innovations in the mining agenda, as well as the technological developments offered by global companies to make mining increasingly more productive, competitive and a promoter of sustainable development. Venancio Astucuri, director.