MINERÍA la mejor puerta de acceso al sector minero MINERÍA / SEPTIEMBRE 2023 / EDICIÓN 552 21 Welcome to PERUMIN Editorial n a scenario of economic and political transition in the country, where private investment is essential to generate formal employment and income for the treasury, this year the thirty-sixth edition of PERUMIN Mining Convention will be held under the slogan: Alternatives will be analyzed and presented at PERUMIN, on the one hand, to improve the regulatory framework and make public authorization processes more efficient without lowering the environmental requirements and, on the other hand, to ensure that the prioritization of projects and programs in favor of the poor population reach, satisfy and constitute real opportunities for integral growth. Likewise, for some years now, the Mining Convention has placed special emphasis on young people who have the opportunity to be part of this global meeting through volunteering, which serves as a pre-professional internship, and with conferences specially designed for them to learn about the latest in mining development. This year, in order to reach more university students, for the first time all higher education institutions with schools of mining, geology or metallurgy have been invited to join the live broadcast of the Mining Summit, free of charge, so that they can learn about the new knowledge and advances presented here. The idea is that the new generations of professionals will somehow bridge the gap that currently exists between university education and the new trends in the sector, which, being technology-intensive, is very dynamic and is currently undergoing an unprecedented digital transformation process. Through the pages of MINERÍA magazine, the official publication of PERUMIN, we extend a warm welcome to all the participants, both in person and online, and we hope that this Mining Convention will serve to lay solid foundations for our country to attract more and more investment in order to generate wellbeing and sustainable development for all Peruvians. Homar Lozano, director Investment that generates welfare and sustainable development. In addition to this, there is an expectant international context that faces climate change as a global priority, in which the production of the so-called strategic minerals takes on a singular relevance and will undoubtedly set the tone for the growth of mining countries that know how to take advantage of this situation with a long-term view. In other words, at the beginning of the third decade of the 21st century, although Peru is going through a constantly turbulent political climate that requires adjustments and stability, it also has a historic opportunity to make the most of its enormous geological resources in an efficient and advantageous manner. For this reason, the PERUMIN slogan, aware of the critical importance of mining investment for good macroeconomic results, which has allowed the country to have stability for more than 30 years, now also includes the component of welfare and sustainable development, alluding that we must work so that these figures return to levels close to double digits and are reflected in a better quality of life for Peruvians. This is a challenge, but it is a positive scenario to the extent that it depends on the decisions we make to attract investment and the correct execution of State revenues, so that more people can join the virtuous circle of sustainable development.