MINERÍA la mejor puerta de acceso al sector minero MINERÍA / MAYO 2024 / EDICIÓN 560 55 Abstract The development of technology in recent years has overturned the conception of many daily tasks. Tasks that previously required multiple human and economic efforts are nowadays solved by simply clicking on an app on a mobile device. The natural hazards sector has not been left behind by this challenge. For several years, efforts have been made to optimize the maintenance and overhaul of protection systems normally located in remote places, with very limited access possibilities. In this direction, Geobrugg is developing a new line of research, a mobile device (IoT) that allows very efficiently and safely monitor the activity of the system, thus ensuring the strategy and maintenance plans; as well as immediately go to a site where an event occurs, having in advance an approximate idea of the magnitude of the event. The main advantage of this device, in addition to its full autonomy, is that it can be installed in any protection system currently available on the market, regardless of the manufacturer. Figura 1. Primeros sensores de carga. Estación de Erill, Pirineo (2010).