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MINERIA magazine, an official publication of the Peruvian Institute of Mining Engineers (IIMP), has been published since May 1952 as a valuable instrument to spread information about cutting-edge technology and scientific developments in different fields related to the mining activity, as well as institutional information, and national and foreign mining information. It currently publishes weekly informative publications and a monthly technical edition with new features such as the inclusion of links to web pages, brochures, social networks, and videos for illustration purposes, with the possibilities offered by the audiovisual media, news, articles, or announcements that are published. In this way, it continues to be a powerful specialized media in the mining field, with approximately 20,000 readers per week in the different platforms. MINERÍA magazine, which celebrates its 70th anniversary in 2022, is a pioneer among publications aimed at the mining community and has a web page [www.revistamineria.com.pe], which is visited by thousands of people globally, and has a significant presence in social media, consolidating its position as the best gateway to the mining sector. The Director

MINERIA magazine and its supplements are read by officials, professionals, technical experts, and people related or interested in the mining sector worldwide. 531 as of December 2021 Information supplements (weekly) and technical issue (monthly) Mainly from Germany, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, USA, and Peru. Reaching over 50,000 readers 21 x 28.5 cm National and international events NºOFISSUES PERIODICITY VIAE-MAIL OURREADERS YEARSRUNNING 70 years 20,000 people per week Full color REACH PRESENTATION FORMAT CORPORATEFOLLOWERS COVERAGE 36,000 67,500 7,250 25 % READERS DISTRIBUTION IIMP Associates BoD chairpersons, managers, mining engineers, metallurgists, and geologists, among other professionals in a national and international level. 50 % READERS DISTRIBUTION Mining Companies Large, medium, and small mining companies with headquarters in Lima and mining units in provinces. 15 % READERS DISTRIBUTION Industry Suppliers Contractors, national and international representatives, and manufacturers. 10 % READERS DISTRIBUTION Public and Private Institutions Executive Branch, Congress of the Republic, Regional Governments, Regional Directorates of Energy and Mines, embassies, universities, and specialized libraries, among others.

1 Preliminary. 2 As media partner. 3 Bilingual Issue. 4 Official Publication. Mining 4.0 Mining projects Mining Engineer's Week ISSUE/MAINTOPIC MAINACTIVITYOFTHEMONTH Copper mining Advances in mineral flotation ISSUE/MAINTOPIC ISSUE/MAINTOPIC 532 JANUARY 533 FEBRUARY 534 MARCH Mineral Processing Plants Reliability engineering 2022 SME Conference & Expo IIMP’s Supplier Directory Publication MAINACTIVITYOFTHEMONTH MAINACTIVITYOFTHEMONTH

1 Preliminary. 2 As media partner. 3 Bilingual Issue. 4 Official Publication. Safety and Occupational Health New working modalities ISSUE/MAINTOPIC Precious metals mining and metallurgy ISSUE/MAINTOPIC ISSUE/MAINTOPIC 535 APRIL 536 MAY 537 JUNE PDAC 2022 - Canada2 International Seminar on Mining Safety MAINACTIVITYOFTHEMONTH 14th International Gold, Silver and Copper Symposium MAINACTIVITYOFTHEMONTH Engineering week MAINACTIVITYOFTHEMONTH Peruvian geology Mining explorations and junior companies

1 Preliminary. 2 As media partner. 3 Bilingual Issue. 4 Official Publication. Social profitability Territorial development ISSUE/MAINTOPIC Environment and water resources management Renewable energies ISSUE/MAINTOPIC ESG mining management Innovation and suppliers ISSUE/MAINTOPIC 538 JULY 539 AUGUST 540 SEPTEMBER3 Publication of participating companies and Extemin plan MAINACTIVITYOFTHEMONTH Pre PERUMIN 354 MAINACTIVITYOFTHEMONTH PERUMIN – 35th Mining Convention 4 MAINACTIVITYOFTHEMONTH

1 Preliminary. 2 As media partner. 3 Bilingual Issue. 4 Official Publication. Circular Economy Logistics and consulting ISSUE/MAINTOPIC Metal smelting and refineries Advances in electroplating ISSUE/MAINTOPIC Projects under construction Mining formalization ISSUE/MAINTOPIC 541 OCTOBER 542 NOVEMBER 543 DECEMBER Post PERUMIN 354 MAINACTIVITYOFTHEMONTH IIMP 79º Anniversary Post PERUMIN 354 MAINACTIVITYOFTHEMONTH Miner's Day MAINACTIVITYOFTHEMONTH

It is the most complete search tool for goods and services aimed at the mining sector, which is available on all IIMP's online platforms, which annually record an average of 250,000 visits from mining companies, contractors, and national and international suppliers. This is also the official guide for international events organized by IIMP: PERUMIN - Mining Convention, International Congress of Prospectors and Explorers - proEXPLO, Mining Competitiveness and Social Sustainability Congress, among others. It has a responsive digital version, available for PCs, mobiles, and tablets, which allows for user-friendly searches with advantageous functionalities for buyers and advertisers, in addition to its accuracy, reliability and relevance. 961 748 318 ext_extemin01@iimp.org.pe 944 570038 ext_extemin02@iimp.org.pe Calle Los Canarios 155 - 157 Urb. San César, II Etapa, La Molina, Lima 12 - Perú Fax: (511) 313 4160 www.iimp.org.pe www.revistamineria.com.pe