REVISTA DIGITAL MINERIA 530 | Edición Noviembre 2021

MINERÍA la mejor puerta de acceso al sector minero MINERÍA / NOVIEMBRE 2021 / EDICIÓN 530 37 failure processes of geopolymerized mine tailings under uniaxial compression, ARMA 20. 1923 (2020) 1-9. [54] D.E. Irish, G.E. Walrafen, Raman and Infrared Spectral Studies of Aqueous Calcium Nitrate Solutions. Journal of Chemical Physics. 46 (1967) 378. https://doi. org/10.1063/1.1840398 [55] A.A. Amer, H. El-Didamony, T.M. El-Sokkary, M.I. Wahdan, Synthesis and characterization of some calcium aluminate phases from nano-size start- ing materials, Bol. Soc. Esp. Cerám. Vidr. (2020). bsecv.2020.07.006 [56] H.B. Wu, M.N. Chan, and Ch.K. Chan, FTIR characterization of polymorphic transformation of ammonium nitrate, Aerosol Science and Technolo- gy. 41 (2007) 81-588. https:// [57] A.P.D. Moreira, A.M.R.F. Teixeira, An investigation on the formation of calcium naphthenate from commercial naphthenic acid solutions by thermogravimetric analysis, Brazilian Journal of Petroleum and Gas. 3:2 (2009) 051-056. [58] Y. Dua, Q. Meng, R. Hou, J. Yan, H. Dai, T. Zhang, Fabrication of nano-sized Ca(OH)2 with ex- cellent adsorption ability for N2O4, Particuology. 10 (2012) 737-743. https:// [59] Ch.-J. Tsai, R. Huang, W.-T. Lin, H.-N. Wang, Mechanical and cementitious characteristics of ground granulated blast furnace slag and basic oxygen furnace slag blended mortar, Materials and Design. 60 (2014) 267-273. https:// [60] Q.Y. Chen, M. Tyrer, C.D. Hills, X.M. Yang, P. Carey, Immobilization of heavy metal in cementbased solidification/stabilization: A review, Waste Management. 29 (2009) 390-403. [61] Z. Zhou, M. Sofi, J. Liu, Sh. Li, A. Zhong, P. Mendis, Nano-C-S-H modified high volume fly ash concrete: Early-age properties and environmental impact analysis, Journal of Cleaner Production. 286 (2021) 124924. https://doi. Figura 12. SEM y mapeo por EDS de los geopolímeros aditivados con nanosoluciones de hidróxido de calcio a pH 8.5.