MINERÍA la mejor puerta de acceso al sector minero MINERÍA / ABRIL 2022 / EDICIÓN 535 49 Abstract For the implementation of mining in poor quality orebodies with cemented backfill in the Huarón mine, an action plan was made with the main objective of making the exploitation economically feasible, profitable, and safe. Therefore, a series of investments were made, such as the design and construction of the concrete plant and its aggregate mixer for cemented backfill, Scoop, as well as low profile equipment such as Front Face Jumbo, Bolter, and Scooptram. The geomechanical design was made for the sizing of openings and panels for mining. For the exploitation, a mining sequence divided into three phases was developed; previously a by pass was made parallel to the ore body (160 m long), from this three accesses were made, one at the center and two at the ends that will serve as a pivot to mine in breasting (Overhand Cut and Fill). The first phase is entered with 3.0x3.0m. panels transversally to the body (from contact to contact), these panels will be made along the 160m long body at a distance of 9 m. between each panel. The second phase comprises the backfilling of panels as the mineral extraction is completed (central panel of 20 m. and end panels of 7 m.). As the cemented backfill is completed, new intermediate panels are opened (section 3.0x3.0); it is important that the backfill is completely sealed up to the crown of the extracted panel. Finally, in Phase 03, the remaining ore panels are opened, which are between the panels already filled (with cemented backfill), that is to say that the walls are panels with cemented backfill, (3.0x3.0m section), no ore is left, recovering 95%. Once this last phase of mineral extraction is completed, we proceed to backfill with hydraulic filler and go up to the next mining floor, repeating the aforementioned phases. This implementation yielded positive results, achieving improvements in the entire mining process. Rock fall accidents were reduced to zero, increasing the unit's production, and reaching a production of 8,000T to 15,000 T/month from the D shaft body, with a cost of 54.10 $/T to 47.56 $/T, having an average production of 12,000 T/month at a mining cost of 49.41 $/T. La segunda fase comprende el relleno de los paneles mientras que se va culminando la extracción de mineral (panel central de 20 m y paneles extremos de 7 m), a medida que se termina con el relleno cementado se abre nuevos paneles intermedios (sección 3 x 3), es importante que el relleno este completamente sellado hasta la corona del panel extraído. Finalmente en la fase 3 se abren los paneles de mineral restantes, que son entre los paneles ya rellenados (con cemento), es decir, que los hastiales son paneles con relleno cementado, (sección de 3 x 3 m), no se deja mineral, recuperándose el 95%. Culminada esta última etapa de extracción de mineral se procede a utilizar relleno hidráulico y se sube al siguiente piso de minado, repitiendo las fases mencionadas. Tabla 2.