MINERÍA la mejor puerta de acceso al sector minero MINERÍA / JUNIO 2023 / EDICIÓN 549 51 Abstract This work will allow us to go deeper into the importance of incorporating the territorial approach and the effects on Antapaccay's Supplier Development Program, which in turn is one of the company's investment mechanisms. Antapaccay, as part of its Social Responsibility policy, has six mechanisms to contribute to the territorial development of Espinar: Strengthening of local suppliers, improvement of employability in the territory; Framework Agreement, bilateral agreements with communities for the development of projects; Works for taxes and the payment of taxes (canon and royalties). To date, the local supplier development program has been implemented under the strategy of building trusting commercial relationships between the organization and local suppliers, based on shared principles and values that guarantee sustainability through the continuous improvement of local companies' capabilities and competencies. The main objective of the program is to develop a business model that raises the competitiveness levels of current and potential local suppliers with a positive impact on the value chain, enhancing the territorial economic development of the province. Under this premise, by the end of 2021, local companies reached a turnover of 188 million soles. Additionally, as part of the program, these companies have been trained in management issues and compliance with quality standards to improve their operations and provide services to Antapaccay. The incorporation of territorial approach seeks to maximize business opportunities for local entrepreneurs, boosting the economy of the territory through the generation of direct and indirect employment and developing smaller suppliers through the subcontracting of services. The idea is to preferentially use the resources and potential of the territory, coordinating with its authorities and leaders to identify them. Another important aspect of the approach is that it promotes the exploration of new markets, which allows the diversification of products, broadens the client portfolio and improves the competitiveness of local companies, enabling them to access new markets and environments to develop the productive fabric of the territory. For a mining company like Antapaccay, adopting the territorial approach to local supplier development means rediscovering the entrepreneurial potential of the territory, offering opportunities, coordinating with its authorities and leaders, improving the linkage around the anchor company (Antapaccay) and only bringing to the territory what the territory cannot provide. This business concept is in line with the changes in the economic structure of the province of Espinar. From being an eminently rural economy, in recent years it has evolved into a more modern capital city, where new activities, mainly business, linked to commerce, are being developed. For example, among the three commercial organizations (SUCME, Plazoleta unidad vecinal and Plazoleta obreros), there are 2,700 registered merchants. There are five motorcycle taxi associations with 2,800 members, 44 hotels and 15 metal working workshops; these are also important players in the territory that generate economic dynamism through the generation of employment and the